T3BOARD 2013: About Sessions, Snow and Boarding

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For the past week some 70 TYPO3 enthusiasts met in Zell am See in Austria for the TYPO3 Snowboard tour. On the 2000 meter high Schmittenhöhe there was plenty of snow accompanied by some exciting presentations. Jan Christe of T3N magazine gives some insights into the community event.
It has been 12 years since members of the TYPO3 community began meeting annually at different locations for T3BOARD, to ski and snowboard together and to talk about current TYPO3 projects and development of the Open Source CMS. This year the snowboard tour took place in Zell am See, in the 2000 meter high Mountain Hotel Schmittenhöhe. As well as a lot of snow there were a many interesting presentations that are talked about below.
picture by HDnet

Introduction to TYPO3 Flow

In his workshop series “Introduction to TYPO3 Flow” Robert Lemke provided Flow-interested developers with answers to their questions. After a general introduction to Domain Driven Design, AOP and the PHP-Package-Management 'Composer' things went straight to the point and Robert explained, based on his Bookshop Example, how one can program a small shop with a few elegant lines of code and a lot of Flow Basic functions. Here are the slides to the topic: TYPO3 Flow 2.0 Workshop T3BOARD13 

Grid Elements 2.0

The TYPO3 extension “Grid Elements“ that allows Grid Layouts for content elements has existed since 2011. This extension has been developed further with the aim to fundamentally improve the usability of the TYPO3 backend. Interestingly in this case, the project has been financed by the Crowdfunding-Platform Startnext where some 100 supporters helped raise the required 30,000 euros. On T3BOARD, project leader Jo Hasenau showed the possibilities of Grid Elements 2.0 and how it works in practice. The following video will give you some more insight into Grid Elements 2.0 (German with english subs): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykR-e10S8NU.

Require JS

The Mozilla developer James Burke developed Require JS  as a kind of “Mini-Packetmanager“ for JavaScript. As a developer you are able to define a one-time dependency between RequireJS for a JavaScript application and other JavaScript libraries (like JQuery), and RequireJS will take care of loading and optimizing all Javascript files in the project. For those developers that have previously developed a projects with lots of JavaScript files and had to cope with these JavaScript files being loaded in the wrong order, RequireJS will become a good friend. TYPO3 core developer Sebastian Kurfürst, introduced RequireJS in a presentation, that he would repeat the next day at the jQuery Conference  Europe. You can find his slides here: https://speakerdeck.com/skurfuerst/using-requirejs-for-building-modular-javascript-applications
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TYPO3 for students

On Wednesday 30 students from an engineering college visited the TYPO3-Community at the Schmittenhöhe. Core developer Michael Stucki showed the students what TYPO3 is about, how the Open Source CMS functions and how the community further develops the system. He also answered questions from the students, for instance, about the difference between TYPO3 TYPOlight / Contao and the advantages of using Open Source Software over proprietary software. Original article by Jan Christe on T3N: http://t3n.de/news/t3board-2013-sessions-schnee-444971/
Thank you Ian Devlin of the TYPO3 Editorial Team for proofreading.