Sponsor a TYPO3 Code Sprint

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Throughout the year the TYPO3 project has many code sprints, where travel and lodging is usually covered under a budget provided by the TYPO3 Association. The teams ask you to contribute by sponsoring some drinks and food. Read what a code sprint is all about and how you sponsor a code sprint

What is a code sprint?

A code sprint is made up of hard work and dedication for the TYPO3 project. Whether it is for TYPO3 CMS or for TYPO3 Neos or for that matter for any topic related to supporting the TYPO3 project, be it server administration, community tooling or documentation writing. If you check the teams page at typo3.org you can see the large variety of work areas that matches the variety in sprints we have.

Community, Collaboration and Contribution

Over the years the number of code sprints have increased dramatically as have the number of TYPO3camps and with that the active TYPO3 community. Code sprints are also based on contributions the attendants bring, but are more practically oriented and usually organised around certain topic and goals. The TYPO3 CMS team could work on specific workspace oriented tasks, the Neos team on content dimensions and the documentation team on updating the TypoScript reference manual. Not every code sprint is purely developer oriented. The design team, the documentation team, the editorial team and education committee are examples of that. During a sprint, people will work together, have one-off discussions, break out into groups, comment on issues or IRC chats. Every issue that is worked on or solved during a sprint will help make TYPO3 better.
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Most of the teams have allocated budgets for doing code sprints. That usually means that travel costs and hotel are paid on a budget supplied by the TYPO3 Association. The sprint location is usually covered by a TYPO3 company. Only on a special occasion a location needs to be rented. The company that supplies the location usually provides some coffee,  tea and water, but drinks and food are not covered by the budget. For that reason the sprint teams call out to the community to pick up the bill for a pizza dinner or a modest dinner for the crew to get away from coding. It is not uncommon that the code sprint team starts early on the morning and pulls an all nighter, so there needs to be a break somewhere. An all-nighter also needs to be fueled, so a case of beer or Club Mate are among some of the most desired sprint artifacts. Sponsoring provides you with the opportunity to contribute to the TYPO3 project and in this case to a particular sprint. We like to see you engaged in anyway we can and sponsoring is just one of the many options of engagement.

How Can I Sponsor?

In the TYPO3 shop where you can usually prolong your membership or order tickets for official events like the TYPO3 conference or the Developer Days you can also sponsor a code sprint. For both CMS and Neos there is an entry on the code sprint page: shop.typo3.org/code-sprint/sponsoring-code-sprint/. Other code sprints / teams will find there way to that page as well. Let the sprint team know you transferred a sponsoring amount and they will tweet your donation effort and mention you on the sprint page on the wiki and possibly in an article after the sprint. Your entry will be shown on the TYPO3 Hall of Donations.