Server Team Status Report—October 2021

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An update on all the work the team has achieved in the last year and how they adjusted to remote working.

Adjusting to Remote Work

Even though travel restrictions did still prohibit us from meeting in person, we managed to tackle this year's duties from home. In our last status report back in November 2020, we talked about the challenges we were facing due to Covid-19. Fast-forward about a year, we switched from quarterly 3-day sprints to monthly remote days and back, and thereby learned to adjust our workflow to the new circumstances. 

Infrastructure Update

During the last few months, we mostly finished our long-standing process of migrating all applications to a streamlined and container-based infrastructure. At the moment, only one application (Pootle/ is pending, while we still run two others which we will not migrate but replace with other software instead. 


Among many other things, we worked on and finished the following projects during nine remote days and one three-day sprint:

  • LDAP migration into the container-based infrastructure 
  • Finally removed all previous, Chef managed servers 
  • Channelized all outgoing emails through our mail server and therefore enabled DKIM/DMARC on 
  • Phased out for extensions and removed GitWeb at altogether 
  • Moved GitLab to instead 
  • Migrated our ticket system from OTRS (community version discontinued) to OTOBO (fork with ongoing community support) 
  • Removed MediaWiki running at after all relevant content was moved to by the documentation team 
  • Added a dedicated disclaimer in front of archived sites, for example at

Welcome new members

This month, we welcomed Simon Krull and Tomas Norre as new members in our team. While it was a bit late for them to participate in our remote sprint, we're looking forward to working with you on subsequent projects very much. 

Welcome to the team, Simon and Tomas! 

Join Our Next Call

During the year, we see each other in a bi-weekly video call to coordinate our short-term tasks. Those meetings are public and everyone is welcome to join us for questions or even just to say hello. As of November, we will reschedule this call to every second Monday at 4pm, beginning on November 1. 

Recently, the restriction for in-person meetings has been lifted by the TYPO3 association. Even though it was too short notice for the current sprint, we're looking forward to seeing each other in person at our next sprint early next year. 

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