Security Public Service Announcements

Categories: Community Created by Helmut Hummel
Introducing Public Service Announcements for security related topics.
In the near future the Security Team will publish a new type of advisory, called Public Service Announcement (PSA). Public Service Announcements will include valuable security related information regarding TYPO3 products or the infrastructure. Unlike other advisories, the PSAs are not accompanied by a software release, but still contain information about how to mitigate a security related issue. Topics of these advisories will include security issues  in third party software like e.g. Apache, Nginx, MySQL or PHP that are related to TYPO3 products, possible security related misconfigurations in third party software, possible misconfigurations in TYPO3 products, security related information about our server infrastructure and important advices how to securely use TYPO3 products. Like our regular Security Bulletins, Public Service Announcements will be published in the <link>security bulletins section on, <link https: typo3_security>@typo3_security twitter account and <link http: cgi-bin mailman listinfo typo3-announce>announce mailing list.