Security issues in TYPO3 extension Commerce and several other third party extensions

Categories: Security Created by Henning Pingel
Security issues have been discovered in the following third party TYPO3 extensions: Commerce (commerce), JobControl (dmmjobcontrol), Econda Plugin (econda), Frontend Users View (feusersview), Mannschaftsliste (kiddog_playerlist), M1 Intern (m1_intern), Simple survey (simplesurvey), Page Improvements (sm_pageimprovements)

For further information, please read the following bulletins:

TYPO3 Collective Security Bulletin TYPO3-20081020-1: Several vulnerabilities in third party extensions:

TYPO3 Security Bulletin TYPO3-20081020-2: SQL Injection in extension Commerce (commerce):

In general the TYPO3 Security Team recommends to read the following pages: