Say hello to our new Core Team Members!

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The TYPO3 Core Team is proud to announce three new members: Please welcome Mathias Brodala, Anja Leichsenring and Ralf Zimmermann.

About Mathias

First learning about TYPO3 in 2008 Mathias has come a long way gathering a lot of knowledge about many aspects and features within TYPO3 leading him to become a TYPO3 core developer in 2018. If he is not answering questions in Slack or Stackoverflow, suggesting or reviewing changes in Gerrit, he works as a senior TYPO3 developer at Pagemachine in Frankfurt/Main.

During this time he has worked on countless medium to enterprise sized projects always striving to build the best experience for customers and their users as well as other developers using the full feature-set of TYPO3. While doing so he focuses on consistent and simple user interfaces and workflows to make the life of editors as easy as possible. He also likes automation a lot which is reflected by his development environment and deployment workflows.

After leaving the office he does a hard-cut and enjoys his free time with his wife creating delicious meals, watching Japanese variety TV and going out for a walk or by bicycle.

About Anja

Anja does TYPO3 since roughly 2005 and joined the Core Team in 2010 for the first time. During that episode she was involved in Extbase development and had a hand in testing infrastructure, too.

Early in 2017, she decided to take a break, mostly due to timing issues, but also fatigue. Due to that she wasn’t as enthusiastic about contributing as before so she left the team temporarily.

Since 2016 she is working for the TYPO3 GmbH, so never really lost touch with the project or the team. Now having solved the time problem and being motivated again, we invited Anja back into the team. It goes to show: Take a break if you need one, there is always a way back.

About Ralf

Ralf is Technical Lead Developer at TRITUM and responsible for complex TYPO3 setups. He's also maintaining the company's deployment infrastructure.

In 2011 Ralf started actively working with TYPO3 at TRITUM GmbH and his first challenge was to build a custom TER which he successfully completed.

From 2012 on he assumed responsibility for the further development of the extension wt_spamshield. In 2015, the team of TRITUM decided to take over the development of the TYPO3 system extension "form". Ralf is the one who did all the coding and rewrote EXT:form.

In his spare time he is interested in philosophy, movies, soldering, listening to good music, distilling, playing multiple instruments, in raccoons and a variety of other things.

We welcome our three new members and look forward to a productive time together.