Results of the EAB, BCC and Board election 2013

Categories: Association Created by Stefan Busemann
The General Assembly approved the online election for the EAB and BCC. The Board welcomes Ric van Westhreenen as new Vice President of the TYPO3 Association.
In the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) election, three of the six positions had to be elected. 
Peter Pröll, Jonas Felix and Jan-Hendrik Heuing were re-elected by the members. All three of them had allready been members of the prior EAB. Results can be found here:
In the Business Controll Committee (BCC) election, two ot the four positions had to be elected. Ingo Schmitt was re-elected. Roberto Torresani succeeds Robert Meyer. Results can be found here:
The Board is elected by the EAB. Ric van Westhreenen was elected as Vice President of the TYPO3 Association. Alain Veuve was confirmed as Treasurer, Frederic Gaus as Second Assesssor.
We thank all nominees for their willingness to commit themselves to the TYPO3 Association.