Results of the 2021 TYPO3 Association Elections

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Patrick Gaumond was elected to the Board with three reelected veterans. Daniel Fau and Edward Lenssen are joining veteran Ingo Schmitt in the Business Control Committee. Congratulations!

When the election closed, 4 April, more than 200 members had cast their votes.

Thank you to those candidates who participated, but who didn’t make it this time. Your participation as a candidate is important. You made this election a truly democratic event with real choices. Please consider repeating your candidacy next year.

Board Election

Candidates elected:

  • Olivier Dobberkau 24.49% (214 votes)
  • Petra Hasenau 22.08% (193 votes)
  • Peter Kraume 22.08% (193 votes)
  • Patrick Gaumond 17.05% (149 votes)

Candidates who did not make it:

  • Ric van Westhreenen 14.3% (125 votes)

Official results listing

Business Control Committee Election

Candidates elected:

  • Ingo Schmitt 25.9% (172 votes)
  • Daniel Fau 21.39% (142 votes)
  • Edward Lenssen 15.81% (105 votes)

Candidates who did not make it:

  • Rino Razzi 15.66% (104 votes)
  • Ralf Merz 11.6% (77 votes)
  • Roberto Torresani 9.64% (64 votes)

Official results listing

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