Report on the Team Sprint in India (March 2019)

Categories: Community Created by Stefan Busemann
For the first time our team met in India. We were invited by NITSAN to Bhavnagar from 28-31 March.

What a great adventure. For the first time I was visiting Asia and especially India. As I am not a fan of flights and Asian food, this took quite some effort to convince me. But I can give you a spoiler - I still don’t like flying (due to ecological and many others reasons). 

Our next surprise at our location in Bhavnagar, Province of Gujarat: No alcohol and meat. And then I was surprised by myself. I did not miss anything and in fact, I am now a fan of vegetarian Indian food. Diving into the friendly culture of the Indian people was one the best experiences in my life so far.

But coming back to our sprint. We received a very warm welcome (not only as we had 40° C outside) by the team. During our sprint, we managed  to organize some short sessions about different technologies and workflows. I was also able to provide our Indian mates a look back into the history of the website and the people and stories behind.

Let’s have a look, at what the whole team achieved in this sprint:

  • 70 issues finished
  • 55 merge requests sucessful closed

Common Infrastructure

  • Introduced a Typoscript linter
  • Improved deployment for all projects
  • Updated ddev
  • Updated caching settings

Common Layout:

  • Removed and migrated old accordion element
  • Documented feedback forms
  • Streamlined SCSS files
  • Respect setting “to top / button link” 
  • Improved lightbox

  • Allowed translated news
  • Added a case study view element
  • Improved category links behaviour
  • Improved roadmap view
  • Improved form views
  • Added a general contact form
  • Added new content element “feature header”
  • Retrieve event locations automatically in the backend
  • Bugfix for rss feed
  • Bugfix for news header listing
  • Bugfix for event category selector
  • Speed and Performance Improvement
  • SEO Optimization
  • QA Testing Report (re-testing of cross-platform compatibilities) 

  • Repaired user re-activation process
  • Added localized labels for privacy settings
  • Added real url for user profiles

  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

in development

  • Planet TYPO3 Module
  • TYPO3 Jobs Module
  • Team Minutes of Meeting

For us, it was a productive sprint, with many chances to have a cultural exchange. We are definitely having plans for a sequel in 2020. 

Join our team at the #t3o-development channel in TYPO3 Slack and get in touch at our next sprint.

Next steps: Our next sprint will be from 19-22 May in Stuttgart. 

Participants of the sprint: 
Thomas Löffler (SpoonerWeb),  Stefan Busemann (in2code GmbH), Siddharth Sheth (Nitsan), Milan Rathod (Nitsan), Bharat Makwana (Nitsan), Sonal Chauhan (Nitsan), Jay Chauhan (Nitsan), Mehul Nimavat (Nitsan), Bhavin Barad (Nitsan), Ravi Nagaiya (Nitsan), Nisha Dave (Nitsan), Nilesh Malankiya (Nitsan), Keval Pandya (Nitsan), Vandna Kalivada (Nitsan), Ghanshyam Bhava (Nitsan), 
Nisha Ghodadra (Nitsan), Vishwa Shah (Nitsan),  Anjali Bhatt (Nitsan), Divya Lumbani (Nitsan), 
Vipul Jogadiya (Nitsan), Sanjay Chauhan (Nitsan), Nitin Chauhan (Nitsan), Jignesh Boricha (Nitsan)

We want to thank NITSAN for their great contribution, offering their office and the delicious food.

Proofreading by Tony Lush.