Report from the August CEBAB Meeting

Categories: Association Created by Expert Advisory Board / Jonas Felix
The Board and the EAB of the TYPO3 Association had a meeting in Karlsruhe on the 12th and 13th of August. We meet four times per year to discuss ongoing projects and issues.
Additionally, we invited an external guest to gain additional insights and inspiration for the future of the Association.

Daily business

As part of the regular meeting, we have worked on a list of daily business topics:
  • staff changes and upcoming elections (more details will follow in a separate announcement)
  • start of the 2013 budget process and budget periods (<link http: news article submit-your-2014-budget-application-now>more information)
  • improvements of the Association tools and infrastructure
  • member concerns and insights

Looking into the future

The additional focus of this meeting was to discuss on how we can improve the TYPO3 Association to support the TYPO3 community as good as possible. To achieve this, we invited <link http:>Simon Phipps (president of the<link http:> Open Source Initiative) for consulting us. Simon Phipps has a broad know-how of open source affairs. His vast background and very extended experience with various open source projects he accompanied or lead, indicated for us that he is the right person to involve at this point.


During the workshop, we were able to identify four main ideas which should guide us in our work:
  • Enable development but never directly pay code
  • Consult but don’t interfere
  • Protect but don’t restrict
  • Promote what we have but don’t raise false expectations

Next Steps

It is good to know that we are already going in the right direction. More changes are planned for the next weeks:
  • publish a survey to reach out for our members
  • improve communication and encourage members to join the discussion
  • continue to implement what we learned from the insights


With this strengthened common understanding a lot of steps were taken and a lot of energy was built up that will hopefully lead to many fruitful actions...