Press release TYPO3 Developer Days 2014

Categories: Community, Association Created by ben van 't ende
From June 19-22 the TYPO3 Developer Days will take place in The Netherlands in the Eindhoven region. It is the first time the Developer Days venture outside of the German speaking region. Switzerland and of course Germany have been home to this tech event bringing the TYPO3 community together. Many top-class Dutch and international high-tech companies, renowned for their technological excellence, are located in Eindhoven, which is also the birthplace of Philips. The Technical University, Fontys High Schools and the Design Academy have their home in Eindhoven. What better place to organise this year's TYPO3 Developer Days. The location 'techniekHuys' (House Of Technics) has ten fully equipped meeting rooms with a capacity of 10 to 225 people. All rooms come standard with the best tools, some with a digital display and high-quality audio equipment. The Developer Days is for everybody who is involved in the TYPO3 community, developers, designers, writers and users of TYPO3. T3DD14 does not only welcome core developers, but everyone that wants to share their vision on the TYPO3 project/community or daily use of our products , TYPO3 CMS, Neos and Flow with others. Besides the Call for Papers and the resulting sessions and workshops, focused on our family of products, the organisation, together with the marketing team, have secured a number of expert workshops on a variety of topics from communication to governance. Mark Johnson and Scott Wilson from OSS Watch will be leading these sessions, which mainly cover the social dynamics in Open Source communities. New this year are yoga sessions on Friday and Saturday as a morning starter to loosen up the body. For the first time the TYPO3 Association offers a preparation workshop for everybody who wants to take the "Certified TYPO3 Integrator" exam. It will take place just before the official start of the Developer Days on Thursday morning.
"For those who have not been to T3DD, it's a great technical happening covering the whole spectrum of the TYPO3 community, TYPO3 CMS, Neos, Flow and more. T3DD always has great tutorials, workshops and sessions. As with many events, a lot of stuff takes place in hallway conversations and impromptu sessions."