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Categories: Community Created by Sebastian Michaelsen
The TYPO3 Podcast T3Bits released its episode "T3B020: TYPO3 8" starring Benni Mack.
Shortly before the <link https: typo3.org news article typo3-v85-released>TYPO3 CMS  8.5 sprint release Sebastian Michaelsen interviewed Benni Mack about the overall development of TYPO3 8. This interview was just published as a new episode of the <link http: t3bits.de>T3Bits audio podcast. Here are few notes and links that can guide you while listening to this episode: Benni is the leader of the core development team; The <link https: typo3.org typo3-cms roadmap>roadmap gives you an overview over past and future TYPO3 sprint releases; Since TYPO3 7 overall goals are: performance, ease of updates, better backend UI and adapt to the changes in the PHP community (e.g. composer); TYPO3 8 switched to PHP 7 (a lot faster!); the old database layer was replaced by <link http: www.doctrine-project.org projects dbal.html>Doctrine DBAL is now used to fully support MySQL, Microsoft SQL, OracleDB and PostgreSQL; <link https: docs.typo3.org typo3cms coreapireference database migration index.html>migration documentation; being flexible about the database system enables you to use cloud hosting like Heroku (Postgres) or Azure (Microsoft SQL); <link https:>The Twelve-Factor App; many cleanups like removing <link https: www.sencha.com products extjs>Ext JS; new Form widget (<link https: www.youtube.com>teaser on YouTube); htmlarea RTE was replaced by <link http: ckeditor.com>ckeditor; TYPO3 backend navigation and pagetree is now responsive; new Frontend Editing <link http: www.pixelant.net crowdfunding>crowdfunded and implemented by Pixelant; TYPO3 8 LTS will be released on April 4th 2017; The T3Bits podcast regularly features guests throughout the TYPO3 community in English or German episodes. Link to the episode: <link http: t3bits.de t3b020-typo3-8>t3bits.de/t3b020-typo3-8
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