Podcast about TYPO3 8

Categories: Community Created by Sebastian Michaelsen
The TYPO3 Podcast T3Bits released its episode "T3B020: TYPO3 8" starring Benni Mack.
Shortly before the TYPO3 CMS  8.5 sprint release Sebastian Michaelsen interviewed Benni Mack about the overall development of TYPO3 8. This interview was just published as a new episode of the T3Bits audio podcast. Here are few notes and links that can guide you while listening to this episode: Benni is the leader of the core development team; The roadmap gives you an overview over past and future TYPO3 sprint releases; Since TYPO3 7 overall goals are: performance, ease of updates, better backend UI and adapt to the changes in the PHP community (e.g. composer); TYPO3 8 switched to PHP 7 (a lot faster!); the old database layer was replaced by Doctrine DBAL is now used to fully support MySQL, Microsoft SQL, OracleDB and PostgreSQL; migration documentation; being flexible about the database system enables you to use cloud hosting like Heroku (Postgres) or Azure (Microsoft SQL); The Twelve-Factor App; many cleanups like removing Ext JS; new Form widget (teaser on YouTube); htmlarea RTE was replaced by ckeditor; TYPO3 backend navigation and pagetree is now responsive; new Frontend Editing crowdfunded and implemented by Pixelant; TYPO3 8 LTS will be released on April 4th 2017; The T3Bits podcast regularly features guests throughout the TYPO3 community in English or German episodes. Link to the episode: t3bits.de/t3b020-typo3-8
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