Our Journey from India to T3DD18 in Germany

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Our one of the TYPO3 developers had prepared an adorable hand-made “I Love TYPO3” prop.
The TYPO3 Developer Days 2018 (T3DD18) in Dusseldorf, Germany, drew over 200 eager TYPO3 developers from around the globe. They came to trade knowledge, explore TYPO3, and to grow the TYPO3 community.

With a lot of excitement, we flew from Bhavnagar India and to Dusseldorf, Germany. It was a journey of 6000+ km distance between India and Germany, and more than 20 hours of travelling. 

Being the part of the community for more than four years, it was our very first live TYPO3 event. The amazing days of the event became a memory to cherish for life. When we weren’t focusing on TYPO3, we joined the karaoke and hung out together to strengthen our friendships within the TYPO3 community.

And Dusseldorf it is!

Opening & Welcome Kit

When we reached Dusseldorf, excited for the event, we were warmly greeted with mugs and T-shirts. Everyone loved them!

Beer Safari

The Beer safari was an interesting concept, where we explored Dusseldorf, one of the greatest historic cities of Germany with its world-famous beers. Where I come from in India, there is no beer, so it was lots of fun to try new brews and experience the German beer culture. We all tried the Altbier, a famous Dusseldorf beer. 

Certification Program

The TYPO3 Education & Certification Team organized a certification exam. Having a TYPO3 CMS certification builds confidence and provides a mark of excellence. 

The best thing was that the exam results were announced during the event, so no one had to wait. I’m proud to say, my colleague, Keval Pandya, became a Certified Integrator (TCCI). Congratulations to the new certified integrators and developers! Read more about certification.

Tech Talk Time!

Teaser Talks

To start, we listened to teaser talks about the upcoming tech talks. It gave us an overview of what events and seminars we could attend during the Developer Days.

I was proud to be an event speaker myself. I shared the topic 10 Tips and Tricks for TYPO3 Upgrade Projects. It was much appreciated by the lovely TYPO3 audience.

Expert Seminars

There were expert seminars from an international selection of experienced and knowledgeable TYPO3 developers. The topics covered were directed toward attendees from a range of backgrounds, such as developers, integrators, and marketers. Take a look each talk’s slides

BoaF (Birds of a Feather)

This was a great opportunity for attendees to express their views and talents. It provided a separate space to meet together in small groups. You can watch all the session videos on the TYPO3 YouTube Channel.

Keep Calm and Code!

Coding Night

As part of the T3DD tradition, there was a great coding night at the event. People were mostly working on core patches, reviewing patches, and working on TYPO3.org. Everyone helped each other with problem solving and development questions.


To encourage attendees, the organizers offered badges to the best in every activity. For example, people were awarded for joining the coding night, writing patches, and completing code reviews. 

Code Sprint of typo3.org

We also attended one of the typo3.org sprints. Read more

TYPO3, Music, Beer, Friends, and What Not!

Hacker Jeopardy

The hacker-style quiz event to test the community’s TYPO3 knowledge reversed the quiz format. It was much appreciated and enjoyed by the TYPO3 fans.

Karaoke Until Death

This social event rocked completely. The band was energetic, and so were the developers, who sang and performed. We were amazed to see all the techies who were suddenly nothing less than rock stars. Everyone enjoyed the live music with beer and dancing.
It was time well spent.

Soccer Match

While we visited Dusseldorf, the Soccer World Cup was taking place in Russia. Of course, we got together and watched Germany vs Sweden with the whole TYPO3 family. Fortunately, Germany won the match and we got to take part in the German celebrations. 

“I Love TYPO3” Prop

Our one of the TYPO3 developers had prepared an adorable hand-made “I Love TYPO3” prop.

Food and Fun

Food is often what people remember most about an event. Every day, there were a variety of authentic German dishes for everyone to enjoy. We all loved it.

Closing Ceremony


Without sponsors, we may not have had the successful T3DD18 event. Big thanks to all the sponsors who supported this event.


Also thanks to all the Speakers and Participants for spreading knowledge and sharing brilliant ideas, taking TYPO3 to the next level.

Event Organizer

A very big thanks to the helping hands, conference organizers, the TYPO3 Association, and the TYPO3 Company, who made this event so unforgettable!

Memorable Moments

Take a look at some cool pictures from the event on Patrick Broens’ Flickr account.

Looking Back at the Event

My T3DD18 experience was great. With a warm welcome, it feels great to meet core members of the TYPO3 community. It inspires and motivates me to keep contributing. I gained experience and knowledge, explored a new culture, made a lot of friends, and much more.

I would like to thank TYPO3 Association for providing opportunities to share views and experience with the community.

Do you have something to share about T3DD18 event? I would love to hear about your experience, feedback, or ideas for next year’s T3DD19. Please post a comment below.