Report on the Team Sprint in Düsseldorf (Jun 2018)

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Düsseldorf Rhein
From 19th to 24th of July our team met in Düsseldorf, next to the TYPO3 Developer Days. Our focus for the sprint mainly bugfixing and introduce necessary GDPR functions.


Next steps

Our next sprint in September will focus at We want add personal profile pages and introduce unified data listings (members, certifications) at

Participants of the sprint

Thomas Löffler, Stefan Busemann, Harry Glatz, Boris Schauer, Marcus Schwemer, Ryan Klarhölter, Sanjay Chuahan, Keval Pandya, Andreas Nedbal, Miro Olma

Sprint results

Common Infrastructure

  • Introduce DDEV support for all projects
  • Update composer setup
  • Introduce test build and CGL test 

Common Layout

  • Fix many small layout issues
  • Add print view
  • render google fonts locally

  • Backport redirects module
  • Add Frontend User as author
  • SEO Compliance
  • Speed and Performance Optimization

  • "Reactivate User process"
  • integrate gravatar for slack user profile
  • Add release notes to (
Link to manual in search result

We are hiring!

We always look for people, who like to contribute to the team. Everyone is welcomed. We are looking especially for those skills:
Frontend Developers (HTML, CSS, SASS, Fluid templating)

  • Designers (especially who like to design, concept and improve content)
  • Editors (improve existing content)
  • PHP Developers (add new functions)
  • Frontend Quality Assurance

What is expected:

  • Join at least 2 sprints per year (2-3 days long, mostly thursday to saturday)
  • Join our bi-weekly team meeting (30 min) at friday
  • revolve two tickets per month between the sprints

What are your benefits?

  • Learn from other, with others
  • have fun with nice people
  • get your travelling expenses refunded
  • get listed at the team pages
  • earn the badge “member of team” for your personal profile page oder company website

Join our team at the #t3o-development channel in and get in touch at our next sprint.