One Documentation Team for all

Categories: Community, Documentation Created by François Suter

You may have noticed that a "Documentation" link has appeared in the top menu on Forge. Indeed Documentation is both important and central.

The TYPO3 wiki has been central for a long time already. Although it contains a lot of v4-related stuff, it also provides a page for each exception number thrown by FLOW3 in development context (a mechanism which will be available in TYPO3 4.6 too). The migration of the official documentation to DocBook was started with one idea in mind: provide a single documentation format for all TYPO3 projects.Daniel Brüßler and myself have recently discussed how to reorganize the Documentation Team and its related projects on Forge. First of all we wanted to give it more prominence, but also highlight that it is not strictly related to TYPO3 v4. The Documentation Team is there to support all TYPO3-related software (v4, v5, FLOW3) in its documentation effort.

Besides the positioning of the "Documentation" menu item, what else has changed? Some new sub-projects were created, which will simplify management. There will be a project for the wiki itself ( and one for the API site ( These are not public yet, but will be soon. The "DocBook Tools" sub-project is meant to contain all scripts, XSL files, etc. that will be used for the DocBook stuff.

The "Official Documentation" project which was previously separate, now appears logically as a sub-project of the Documentation Team. It still contains only the OpenOffice files. The project will definitely evolve once the migration to DocBook is complete.

We hope this newly gained prominence will help attract more contributors, as documentation is a huge and never-ending task.