New certification badges and print certificates

Categories: Education & Certification Created by Pascal Dürsteler
The wait is over; We've reworked the whole badge system for all certifications. Certified Editors and Certified Developers now finally have a badge and print certificates.

What's new

Thanks to our Design Team, we finally can resolve the situation of only having badges for Certified Integrators. Every announced certification program will now have a badge, which is usable by any certified person, as outlined on the certification program's "Certification Badges" page. Also, the print certificates for all certifications are now complete and we will start shipping them as soon as they arrived. They have changed slightly in color and composition.

Why it is new

Over a year ago, we started a concept for badges, covering multiple certification programs for TYPO3 CMS, Neos, and Flow. With a finished concept and a published implementation of the now deprecated badge, TYPO3 CMS split up with Neos and Flow. Our concept was quite broken, and updating it with our existing ideas did not work due to a variety of guidelines from the design styleguide being in a reworking phase at that time. We had to start over. In addition, we felt that the existing badge from our old concept did not fully represent the modern but simple style that was also introduced with the print certificates introduced at that same time.


Please have a look a the "Certification Badges" page for the certification you own. You can still use the old badges and logos, but we recommend to update to the new look.