Neos Coordination Group Meeting August 22nd

Categories: Development, Community Created by Berit Hlubek
On August 22nd the TYPO3 Neos Coordination Group had another meeting to talk about general organizational topics regarding TYPO3 Neos and TYPO3 Flow.

Flow / Neos Website

Already during the code sprint in Karlsruhe we decided to relaunch the website for Neos with a simple modern responsive design. Together with Rasmus we created some rough ideas and afterwards integrated the design team. At the moment the design team is working on a master design. The plan is to have the new website ready before the 1.0 release of Neos.

Neos 1.0 Release

There are still some issue we have to finalize until Neos os ready for the first release.
The tree needs to be improved. We want to ask Rasmus for some feature definitions and afterwards Rens could work on it. Christian will create a work package for that topic.
Robert currently works on resource management.
The current work packages have to be updated, finalized and billed. Christian will take care about the work packages he is involved with. The plugin integration still needs some manpower. We have to review all open changes and check them for consistency.
The media browser is already running and Christian created a basic tagging function but this is still unstyled and needs some design.

Neos Code Sprint

We got the confirmation that 30 participants will be sponsored by DE-CIX, included are the code sprint rooms, the hotel costs for the participants and the catering during the day. Our next step will be that we write an article about the code sprint.

Release Management for Flow

Karsten worked a few days on improving the release scripts. Our goal is that everyone in the team (or even an automatic trigger) can do a release. The idea would be to pick fixed dates (i.e. every first monday of a month) and if all features are ready take the next possible date as release date. Once we have decided that the next fixed date will be a release, the whole release process starts (i.e. press release, release notes, etc.).
We would also want to semi-automatically release patch level releases, for example every two weeks. The new release cycle should start with Flow 2.2 and we will define a release manager for that release.
The main features for Flow 2.1 will be cloud resources and REST support.

Certification for Flow

More and more people ask if a certification for Flow developers exists. Berit will contact the certification team and find out what will be needed and whether the team might already have some plans regarding certification for Flow.
The next Coordination Group meetings are: September 4th, 3pm CEST and September 18th, 3pm CEST.