Moin, Moin: The TYPO3 Developer Days 2013 are going to be in Hamburg!

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Later than usual we announce the TYPO3 Developer Days for this year. Fetch your calendars as they will be held from July 4th to July 7th in Hamburg. The concept for the TYPO3 Developer Days is going towards tutorials in combination with workshops and we are looking forward to “get things done”.

Why did it take so long this time

Many reasons lead to this delayed announcement: The EAB decided to restrict the Budget to 40.000 EUR meaning that it was not possible to repeat the T3DD with the last years location contrary to what was already planned for April 2013 and announced at the end of T3DD12. Due of that fact we needed to search for another location in Munich and even nationwide. Additionally the basic vision of the last years organizer (the Munich-based agency typovision) and the EAB / Old Event Committee differed. When it turned out that the location couldn’t be Munich again, typovision decided to step back from organizing as the new location is too far away for a professional collaboration. We would like to thank typovison for their support in looking for a new location and for organizing last year’s TYPO3 Developer Days.

ELBCAMPUS: a great location matching great developers

T3DD13 will be held at ELBCAMPUS, Hamburg from July 4 - 7. On top we reserved rooms from 01.07-03.07 for the usual preceded TYPO3 Core Team Meeting.
ELBCAMPUS is the Competence Center of the Hamburg Chamber of Trade and is one of the most advanced training centers for crafts and small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. The campus provides well equipped classrooms to facilitate T3DD13.
Website: <link http: de home index.php>

What to expect from this years TYPO3 Developer Days

This year’s TYPO3 Developer Days leitmotif is: Getting Together to make it happen!
We are facing challenging times in the TYPO3 project: The introduction of the new branding and embracing Flow and Neos as part of the TYPO3 Family means a higher need of communication on our ideas. The 6.2 release of TYPO3 CMS will be a LTS version again and it will need stabilisation of the features that have been added in the 6.x branch. Stuff we can work on during the Developer Days in workshop style. Needless to say that our new kids, Flow and Neos, need a lot of attention as well.

Join us! It will be you making the difference

We welcome the TYPO3 developer community at the ELBCAMPUS this summer and are looking forward to “get things done” together. You will be able to learn all there is to know about Flow, Neos and TYPO3 CMS and you will be able to get down and dirty coding on these fantastic products.

Tickets? When will i get them?

Ticket sale will start on April 2nd. Ticket prices are not set yet, but we will definitely keep the prices as low as possible in order to encourage as many new people to attend this awesome developer event.
(We specifically want to encourage the programmer girls to attend the TYPO3 Developer Days to bring some balance into our event.)
See you in Hamburg!
Volker Graubaum on behalf of the Event Committee of the TYPO3 Association.