Meet at the Summits—TYPO3 Conference 2019

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The TYPO3 Conference 2019 gives you a chance to meet the people shaping this CMS for the future. New this year, the TYPO3 Conference is inviting attendees from business, government, NGOs, and higher education to join us for focused events that cater to their needs.

Three Summits Offering Three Views of TYPO3

In addition to contributors and business leaders in the TYPO3 community, this event has also attracted people in IT leadership roles. Whether they are in business, government, or higher education, they want to learn more about the content management system that powers their websites. 

This year we are offering three events catered to the needs of IT leadership and decision-makers. The three summits take place alongside the main event on Thursday, 17 October, day one of the TYPO3 Conference. 

The Business Summit

Since TYPO3 CMS was launched 22 years ago, this content management system has been used to power tens of thousands of websites. Meanwhile, as businesses go completely digital, they increasingly see IT spend as a generator of customer value instead of a cost center. 

The Business Summit includes five inspiring and practical sessions. Including a workshop on building a communication strategy. How to calculate the ROI and TCO of your web development project. Learn how the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method fosters innovation. And also How to make a digitalization roadmap that gives you a keen competitive edge. 

This culminates in a panel on The Business Value of Open Source to hear experienced leaders and experts discuss the business models available in the open-source world of co-creation, sharing, and flexibility. 

The Government/NGO Summit 

For Government organizations and NGOs, TYPO3 provides a powerful multi-lingual platform to engage citizens and members. Digital services are improving access, but at the same time the challenge is even greater today. Sites for citizens and the public need to be fast on any device, secure, GDPR compliant, and accessible.

Accessibility is of primary importance for an association for the blind and visually impaired in Hesse. The TYPO3 website for Blinden- und Sehbehindertenbund in Hessen e. V achieved a very high rating for their accessibility, scoring 98 out of 100 possible points on the comprehensive BIK BITV-Test.

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, is a cabinet-level ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. Among their responsibilities of addressing new environmental challenges, they must also keep the public informed. The site has to be attractive, fast, and up-to-date. 

Summit highlight: Political party and the National Cyber Security Centre have a great showcase of relevant external threats for your online platform and how to deal with them. 

The Higher Education Summit

TYPO3 CMS provides higher education institutions with a platform to help them meet the communication demands. Universities need to provide an in-depth information portal for current students and to an attractive up-to-date presence for prospective students. 

We’re not talking about one or two websites either. The University of Vienna hosts almost 1,300 different domains to serve their community of students and staff. They do this all from one central installation of TYPO3. Learn more at the Higher Education Summit

Summit Highlight: From technical to cultural change. Michael Brinkwerth, Clausthal University of Technology / TU Clausthal. Also Eindhoven University of Technology is showing how to optimise a University website powered with TYPO3!

Meet at the Summit!

TYPO3 Conference affords participants a chance to learn more about the application they rely on. We spoke with Tracey Peers of Texere Publishing Ltd, about how TYPO3 CMS helped her online publishing business thrive and why tech leaders should attend events like T3CON

“As a startup: every dollar, pound, euro counts… As a company, Texere can learn quite a lot from these conferences… Everybody is so helpful. You will definitely take good vibes away and you will absolutely learn something. So I would say sign up and come along.”  - Tracey Peers, Co-Founder and COO, Texere Publishing

One of the most important benefits is sharing knowledge with peers who are solving the same problems. Tracy Evans, who is leading the panel “The Business Value of Open Source” wrote  “Engaging with the community around the OSS you are using, you’ll usually discover that others need similar functionality. They may have either already built it and ‘open-sourced’ it, making available for anyone to use.

Got Your Ticket? Now You Can Plan Your Trip!

We’re looking forward to hosting the TYPO3 community in The Hague. In this city by the sea, there are historical sites, inspiring art venues like the Escher Museum. Here’s what we think you’ll love to see in The Hague

  • Getting to T3CON: Fokker Terminal in The Hague is easily accessible through public transport.

  • Where to stay: We’ve organized some good deals for hotel accommodation nearby. 

If you’re coming along, we’d love your help to promote the event.