May diary of the TYPO3 Association

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In the era of keywords, if we would have to choose one for the month of May at the TYPO3 Association we would go for “change”.
May 7: publication of the TYPO3 Social Media Guidelines Social media is changing the way we work, offering a new model to engage with members, community, journalists, and the world in general. For this purpose, official <link https: _blank>guidelines for participating in social media conversations for the TYPO3 Project have been created. May 8: publication of the reviewed travel reimbursement regulations The last update of the travel reimbursement regulations dated back to 2013. A <link http: association how-it-works invoicing-the-typo3-association _blank>new version has been published, which is valid from May 2015. May 15: announcement of the assigned "change agent" 2016 The General Assembly 2015 has been in charge of deciding on few key issues, the main one being the strategic direction of the TYPO3 Association for the upcoming years (2016-2019). The presented scenario 3 of the <link http: news article perspective-for-the-typo3-association-change-2016 _blank>strategic proposal has been chosen. The Board of the TYPO3 Association has started working on the preparation phase of this strategic change, and Alain Veuve has been chosen as Change Agent. Among his tasks is the creation of a team, which will be responsible for the creation of a concept for the transformation expressed by scenario 3.  May 18: announcement of Neos starting an own community The TYPO3 Association and the Neos team have come to the <link http: news article typo3-project-focuses-on-typo3-cms-neos-to-start-its-own-community _blank>common decision of separating the community into two. This crucial decision has been based on the fact that TYPO3 CMS and Neos grew apart in the last years and represent two conceptually distinct product. With the aim of enabling each project to focus on an own strategy and efficient use of resources, this decision has been considered the best viable choice. The TYPO3 Association and the Neos team are still discussing the details for the transition period. As the TYPO3 Association wants to further develop into a more democratic and transparent organization, it will be asking its members soon to vote on how much support the Association should give the Neos Team in the transition period and beyond. May 20: interview of Alain Veuve for PHP Magazine In order to clarify the situation of TYPO3 CMS and Neos taking two different paths in the near future, Alain Veuve has expressed the TYPO3 Association's opinion and view to PHP Magazine. If you missed the interview, you can still find it <link https: online wir-stehen-am-anfang-eines-dialogs-der-hilft-diesen-split-gut-zu-machen-149664.html _blank>online.  May 22: Improving the membership listing Improving our services in all levels is the focus of the TYPO3 Association. Therefore, we have started the process towards a new shop solution in April 2015. Unfortunately, this switch has had some side effects: currently our member listing is in a frozen state. We are however planning to integrate an updated listing within the next four weeks; this will translate also in the complete shutdown of our subdomain. At the moment all our content (execpt the the memberlship isting) has been moved already to <link https: association _blank>