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After a long time of preparation the relaunch of April 2nd will merge the existing websites and into one This website will be the communication tool for the TYPO3 community.

 A big thank you goes out to the relaunch team consisting of so many different people through time. The cooperation of each and everyone is an example for the strength of the TYPO3 community and as we write this work is still in progress.

After the relaunch we need to be able to guarantee 100% uptime for The website needs to be bug-free (security issues and functional bugs) and should run on the latest current stable version of TYPO3.

New features will be implemented in a deployment process, like is currently used already on the preview website. In the future other websites like the association website will also be merged in the current concept.

During the relaunch project we found out that it is problematic to work on such a complex and important project based on voluntary work alone. We learned that it is impossible to run on a pure voluntary basis.

  • Agencies will the backup for voluntary work
  • Most of the work will be done on a voluntary base (also in future)
  • If a volunteer steps back – the agency will take over

To summarize: the agency adopts a FOR and supports the volunteers in the FOR-team

Most important modules and Fields Of Responsibility (FOR)

The relaunch team has identified the following Fields Of Responsibility that need to be taken care of by agencies. The involved agencies need to sign an SLA with the relaunch team to make sure we are guaranteed of support when we need it. The list of maintainers will be published on HDNet and AOE have already taken some fields as their responsibility.

  • Login, registration
  • Extension Repository TER (HDNet)
  • Professional Services Listing, case studies (AOE)
  • News, events, articles, security bulletins
  • Documentation
  • Server, deployment (, T3 server team, AOE)
  • Search
  • Video integration
  • Markup
  • Donation

There are other modules such as banner management, snippets, etc., but at the moment we do not need a dedicated FOR for those.

Besides the FOR we will have other teams like content team, design team, server team, quality assurance team working on

We need you as an official maintainer of!

Currently we have defined 10 fields of responsibility. Each of them requires knowledge of that specific area. All of these have been developed by one or more developers during the last year.

Agencies can apply for a particular field of responsibility if they believe their company has the needed expertise.

Sign contract with the maintainers (service level agreement)

You as a maintainers will be asked to sign a contract so support for is guaranteed in the Fields Of Interest. The contract will be valid for 12 or 24 months and can be canceled with mutual understanding. The contract will include response levels according to the nature of the issue and a guaranteed amount of working hours a month. The contract will also contain a 'fine' for not fulfilling the obligation. This will be something along the line of required sponsoring for the TYPO3 project


Although we need to be able to rely on agencies with a service level agreement, we need to be aware that a lot of work will still be done by volunteers and the community, especially concerning the content of The maintenance team responsible for as a whole will consist of community members and lead by Joern Bock. The editorial team will be responsible for the content. As usual these teams are open for participation and you are invited to join these teams. Developers working in the maintenance team can also be associated with Fields Of Responsibility and support the maintainer agency. The agencies will always be in charge for their Field Of Responsibility.

If you as an agency want to engage in the maintenance of the new then please send an email to joern.bock stating FOR in the subject and mentioning the FOR you want to be responsible for and tell us something of your level of expertise.

We are looking forward to make this happen and to your participation and involvement.