Join us in improving our community management

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The TYPO3 Association wants to improve our way of doing community management. For that we invite everyone, from inside and outside our TYPO3 community to send in ideas, concepts and out-of-the-box solutions of how community management should be for the next 5 years. Consider this an alternative job application, since the best idea will be selected to do the job.
The last 5 years community management was done by one <link>person, the new concept could also be that this is handled by one person. But it could also be a decentralized team, or a duo-job. Maybe the new concept could be that community management should be handled by a marketing agency. Or maybe you think we do not need any community management. 
All these ideas, concepts, or people sending in resumes will be reviewed by a staffing committee of people from within our TYPO3 community but also by people from outside our community. 
What do we expect?
We expect you to send in at least the following information:
  • your idea, concept, motivation (at least 2 A4);
  • your resume and if you want to do this with a team, also the resume of the team members
  • the amount of budget you need for a period of one year (12 months) in total. That is including travel costs, enabling costs, your own salary, etc.
  • a picture of yourself or of your team
Is this a contest?
No, this is not a contest. It’s an alternative job application. We know that this job can be done by one person, but we think that it is also possible to do this as a team. That’s up to you. However, you have to expect lots of travel, meeting people, and handling all kind of community related communication. This is not something that can be done next to a normal 40 hour job. 
Where to send your ideas?

Send us your ideas, concepts, job application. The closing date for this will be the 15th of November 2014.
<link bu apply>Apply now
What is the next step?
The next step will be that the staffing committee will select the best ideas, resumes, concepts, job applications, for a presentation. So be prepared to meet us and present yourself. The process is an anonymous one. You should provide your personal information and contact details, however, a delegated person outside of the staffing committee will take care of anonymizing your concept or application. The staffing committee will be able to access this information only at a later stage.