January '09 Bug Day this Friday

Categories: Community Created by Ingo Renner
It's that time of the month again, last Friday of th month is getting closer, and with it also TYPO3 Bug Day.

This is a reminder for all interested developers and users to join us during Bug Day this Friday, January 30th.

If you're an extension developer and never really got around the TYPO3 core, this is your chance to gain insight. If you always had an annoyance that drove you crazy, then let us know. 

On January 30th please join us on IRC , where you can offer your help in fixing bugs and cleaning up the bugtracker. Core developers  will be around to assist interested developers and to coordinate the event. 

A premiere for Bug Day is that we were able to get an agency to explicitly send its developers bug hunting on Bug Day. Thanks to https://www.dkd.de for their commitment, we're still looking for other agencies to join us and make TYPO3 better.