International Marketing Activities Pushing TYPO3

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The TYPO3 Global Marketing Team recently made several announcements regarding their efforts to promote TYPO3 around the world. Between publicizing award-winning websites and publishing articles in mainstream media publications, the team has been very busy and successful; with several more accomplishments expected within the next few months. Here's a quick rundown of their activities:


The Danish TYPO3 site is currently underway, with the extension "Show Off Module (SOM)" for the exchange of international case studies and references currently being developed.

contact: Frits Lyneborg


3 out of the 16 winning websites for the German Biene Awards in 2005 are TYPO3 sites. The German Biene contest is an accessiblity based competition, and its exciting that nearly 1/4 of the winning websites were developed with TYPO3. The winning TYPO3 sites are:

yeebase, the publisher of the German TYPO3 magazine T3N has started an online-shop. 5 EUR from every purchase will go to the TYPO3 Association.


The Indian Marketing Group has announced the first successful publication of TYPO3 in an Indian Business-IT magazine: "BenefIT". BenefIT will next publish an article comparing open source content management systems to their commercial counterparts, with TYPO3 as one of the featured CMS'. Rahul Dewan is also writing the article "BusinessReady Websites Using CMS" for the same magazine, and although he will name several open source CMS', the main focus will be TYPO3.

Rahul Dewan will also hold the presentation "Making your Websites Business Ready with TYPO3 CMS" at Linux Asia in New Delhi this coming February. He recently gave 2 presentations that featured TYPO3:

  • "Open Source - Towards a Self-Reliant India" - Convention of Masters in Economics; Delhi University
  • "Open Source in Education" - Digital Learning & E-Governance Seminar

Good luck and congratulations to Rahul Dewan for his efforts in publicizing TYPO3 throughout India.


The US TYPO3 portal is well on its way towards a successful launch. Michelle Heizer recently updated us on their progress:

"For the solutions section, we have been working on content about specific vertical markets with challenges and solutions that can be met with individual TYPO3 extensions. We have 11 markets completed. 

For the products section, we have been writing text about the more popular TYPO3 extensions. These product descriptions will be linked to from the solutions section. We have 3 products completed. 

Our support section is mainly being built to address US specific learning issues and to be a portal into 

The next steps are researching opportunities for the US Press Group to submit articles and to speak at conferences.

Featured Website: Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer


There are currently 2 Marketing projects underway:

  • "TYPO3-Market Communication Portal"
    Project Leader: Aleksandar Stojanovic
    Status: Presentation @ Snowboardtour; team-building in process.
    Finalization: Spring 06
  • "Market Research"
    Project Leader: Sander Vogels
    Status: Team-building in process.
    Finalization: Summer 06