Impressions from T3DD19

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We gathered impressions from TYPO3 Developer Days 2019 in Karlsruhe. Thank you to the speakers, sponsors, and attendees for making this a brilliant event.

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When possible, speakers have posted links to their slides in their talk descriptions in the program. The Documentation Team also got together at the event and they’ve prepared a blog post.

Also, watch the recap video for more impressions about the event.

Benni Mack

T3DD19 was a blast. It is the main developer-oriented event within the TYPO3 community. The spirit of driving the community and the ecosystem forward - the feeling that everybody can contribute something valuable to the community and the product is overwhelming. T3DD19 marks the beginning of a new era for our community with a solid product, a sustainable ecosystem and a true open source pillar in the PHP community. This is the foundation for many years to come, and I'm so much looking forward to next year's encounters and how every single person has continued their own journey towards open source.

Susi Moog and Benni Mack delivered the Keynote at TYPO3 Developer Days.

Fabian Stein • Member of the Organizational Team

The TYPO3 Developer Days 2019 were a really great event for me. The last weeks before the event were really stressful at There was still a lot to organize, from the arrangement of social events and room layouts to small requests from participants who needed certain things.

Especially in the last meters, it takes a lot of time and nerves to communicate from all sides. Everyone is tense and everyone wants a great event. But in the end, it was really worth it!

With more than 250 people on the T3DD and a mega atmosphere, the event was a success. The community really supported us with great lectures and simply enthusiasm. My absolute highlight at the event was when a speaker didn't come and someone just got up from the audience and spontaneously took over the session. It was really a great common spirit that gave me a lot of motivation for working with TYPO3 again.

Armin Vieweg

TYPO3 Education Committee member

The education committee was proud to join the Dev Days this year and is happy about 22 exams which were taken on the first day. We checked the results during the Dev Days and were able to inform the participants by mail before they arrived home. Congratulations to those who passed!

Find out more about TYPO3 Certifications and see a list of upcoming certification dates.

Jochen Weiland

CEO of, the premium sponsor

This year’s Developer Days were truly a great event: a pleasant location, sunny weather, good food, nice developers and some interesting new things to learn. Everything was well organized, including yoga sessions and running in the morning. It was the 12th year that we attended. We are glad that we were able to sponsor this event, as it helps to provide affordable tickets for the participants.

We believe this is one of the most important TYPO3 events of the year since at no other time do so many developers come together, learn, exchange ideas, improve TYPO3, and make new friends. A few well-known faces were missing, but this was probably because the event took place in the summer holidays and some people spent the time with their families on the beaches.

Next years’ event might be even bigger as all TYPO3 agencies should send their developers. For all attendees, it was beneficial to participate and a motivation booster. We were glad that we could help out with some WiFi equipment on short notice so that we had an Internet connection during most of the coding night.

Looking forward to seeing you all again at T3DD20!

Susi Moog

Keynote speaker

As I mentioned in my part of the keynote, this years' Developer Days marked my ten-year anniversary. I have long stopped going to the Developer Days for the talks— no matter how good they are—and started going to reunite with all the friends I made throughout the years and get to know new people. This year’s Developer Days exceeded my expectations in that regard by a large measure. From the first contact with the participants during the keynote to the last moment after the closing session, I felt a lot of positive energy, saw a lot of laughing faces—and heard more bad 90s music than I care to remember. To me, it was a fun event with the surprising extra that this time around—I even enjoyed visiting the talks.

Julian Böhm


Set at the nice location AkademieHotel Karlsruhe, the recent TYPO3 Developer Days 2019 (T3DD19) have been a success. Even though by its very name it is a purely technically-focused event, the DevDays offered a broad insight into the larger TYPO3 community and its friendly members. The keynote given by my colleague Susi Moog created a good vibe and showed me that you’re not bound to spend such a well-attended event all on your own. Susi told of her first T3DD and motivated those first visiting the event to engage in conversation with others.

Coming from TYPO3 GmbH’s marketing department, as a person without any background in software development whatsoever, it was an enriching experience to witness people from the TYPO3 universe giving talks about various topics, discussing the latest features of the newest release, and enjoying each other’s company. In addition to the many technical sessions given during the four-day event, T3DD19 also featured some meta sessions which even a greenhorn like myself was able to enjoy.

My personal highlight was Jan-Michael "Michel" Löw’s talk On the Ethics of Web Development, which explained how web developers should use their given power to foster equal cooperation in order to decrease the inequality of male and female workers within the IT sector. Michel’s talk reminded me that - even if this sounds utterly cheesy—no matter how small you are (or think you are), you’re never too small to make a difference. 

Thanks a lot to and all the involved sponsors for organising this major event and for providing us with coffee, snacks, WIFI, drinks or anything else essentially needed for a great, nerdy weekend

Patrick Toschka

Academy of Sciences and Literature—a newbie in the TYPO3 universe and first-time attendee at Developer Days

The T3DD in Karlsruhe was my first TYPO3 event. I met lots of interesting people from agencies and institutes working with the software, all with different points of view and areas of application. The sessions, often held by members of the core team, were challenging for newcomers like me, but I learned a lot about the overall (programming) concepts and standards TYPO3 is implementing. I also enjoyed the social and programming events in the evenings with tasty foods and drinks. Of course most of the attendees already knew each other but nevertheless everyone was open for newcomers. I felt very welcome to join discussions and off-topic chats late into the night. I hope I can attend the #t3dd next year, and I will also be looking out for other events like TYPO3 camps near my location!