Help the UI/ UX Team by taking Screenshots

Categories: Community Created by Helmut Hummel
We kindly ask the community for help with collecting screenshots of the TYPO3 backend.
The mid term goal for TYPO3 in regard of improving user experience is to have a consistent and easily understandable backend, which is easy for beginners and yet powerful for experts. During the Ui/ UX sprint in Frankfurt last week, we came to the conclusion, that it would be good to get a better overview of all the elements that are used in the TYPO3 backend. Having such an overview would help to decide which style elements (aka buttons, tabs, arrows, icons, input fields ...) are mandatory and wich of them could be omitted in favour of others. Having screenshots available of all parts of the backend in all different states (boxes checked or unchecked, elements hovered or not, the different views of the backend modules), would be a great help. Doing so would be a boring task for one person. Another problem is, that the same module may look different in different TYPO3 installations. Because TYPO3 is so flexible, you may use it in a way we could not imagine. A big community of people could do this task together in no time. And that is why I'm asking for your help. I prepared an <link http: issues>umbrella ticket on forge where I shortly described how the screenshots should be taken and how they should be named. There are a couple of child tickets attached, one for each module. If you do not feel comfortable with the bugtracker, feel free to <link>write me a mail with the attached screenshots. We would like to have the screenshots collected until this Friday the 13th of July. Thanks a lot for your help and your effort to make TYPO3 nicer, easier and more consistent.