Good news!

Categories: Community Created by Robert Lemke
After many hours of work, Rupert & Robert proudly present:, the central news repository of the TYPO3 project. The goal was to create an easy way of distributing news and allow many editors to contribute news for certain parts of the project. The different <link http: teams>teams which have a little homepage on will be able to provide their own news feed and by the time also the main sections on will offer news related to development, community and extensions.
Technically all news which appear on any of the official TYPO3 websites are now produced at one central place. A new feature in the tt_news extension allows the other websites to poll extended RSS feeds which contain not only the headline and teaser but also the full text, links and images of a news article. The frontpage news on and are already using this feature for some weeks.
Finally you can now subscribe to various TYPO3 related news feeds and get informed about important announcements and news from the different committees and teams in the TYPO3 project. Have fun and stay tuned! <link>Rupert Germann and <link>Robert Lemke