Fourth sprint in Wiesbaden

Categories: Community Created by ben van 't ende
It is time to put up the scaffolding again for From December 6-9 the fourth code sprint for will be held again in Wiesbaden.
Our information hub still has bugs that need to be fixed, features that want to be implemented and there is content that could be written, rewritten and/or repositioned. It is a job that will never be finished. You can find the list of issues on TYPO3 Forge: The issues will be prioritised in the coming week and a December 2012 sprint target will be added. Some major focalpoints are login and documentation integration. As you may know the documentation team has been working steadily to get the new documentation rendering based on ReST done. We already have 12 participants that will be working during the sprint days. Most of the team have also participated in previous sprints.

  • Joern Bock ((pizza)manager/content)
  • Tolleiv Nietsch (deployment, documentation, all things technical)
  • Ben van ‘t Ende ((pizza)manager/content)
  • Ingo Renner (search)
  • Fabien Udriot (documentation)
  • Christian Zenker (content stuff, integration)
  • Mario Matzulla (PSL)
  • Olivier Dobberkau (content)
  • Steffen Gebert (deployment)
  • Christian Handel (t3agent)
  • Martin Bless (documentation)
  • Andreas Beutel (login)
  • Felix Kopp (login)
You can be part of this sprint too. Do you consider yourself technically savvy enough to work in an expert team on a huge TYPO3 website and do you like pizza then send a mail to and describe your expertise and why you think your contribution will rock our socks of.