First Learning Unit Sprint A Big Success

Categories: Community, Association, Education & Certification Created by Patrick Lobacher, Education Committee
Report from the first sprint of the Education Committee's Learning Unit Task Force
The TYPO3 Education Team has realised the first Learning Unit Sprint on the 11-12th of december 2014 in Kiel. Thanks a lot to Christopher Hlubek and his agency <link https:>networkteam for hosting this event and providing us with coffee and christmas biscuits ;-) We were very happy that so many people joined us - so we had 8 participants: Nicki Uhlbach, Boas Bamberger, Martin Helmich, Christoph Hofmann, Boris Hinzer, Christopher Hlubek, Martin Bless and Patrick Lobacher.
As we are still in the strategic phase after the big Education Sprint last year, we started with tool that should help us, to visualize our intention and set a goal for this team. We decided to go with the well known Business Model Canvas approach (<link wiki business_model_canvas> which we addapt to fit into the "Non Profit Area" which differs a bit from commercial approaches.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template for (in our case) documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing an initiatives social value proposition, relations, key partners, key activities, channels, co-creators and last but not least the outcome stream as well as the cost structure. So it assists campaigners in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs.
Of course the socializing part was an important part, too - so we went to some great restaurants in Kiel to have lunch and dinner and after the dinner we moved to the great Deck 8 Cocktail Bar on the top of the Atlantic hotel: <link https:> 

The Outcome

Both days were very productive - we focused on clearing things up (what are courses, learning units, lessons, elements, ...), brainstormed many ideas (which technology for which kind of knowledge, learning formats, ...) and developed a rough roadmap. After that we identified two areas where we want to go deeper for the first step. One was "TYPO3 CMS for editors" (beginner level) and the other "TYPO3 Fluid" (for beginner too). We have choosen these two, because the first is obviously the one which addresses most people and the second is tricky, because we want to have an similar introduction to Fluid for Flow, CMS and Neos users as well. After seperating in two working groups and working out a plan for each of the trainings we came together at the end of the second day to discuss the results. Now we are prepared to produce the trainings which is part of the next sprint.

Join Us!

The next sprint of the Learning Unit Task Force will take place at the 12-13th of March 2015 in the near of Freiburg. We are looking for new participants to lead this second sprint to big success too. So if you want to support us - please write an email to <link> You don't have to be an expert in TYPO3 and not even a developer - if you enjoy in creating learning content - you are the right person for us!   Have a great start in 2015 and perhaps we will see us at the next sprint, Cheers Patrick