Extension key clean-up - update your typo3.org account

Categories: Development, Community Created by Thomas Löffler
The typo3.org maintenance team is planning clean-up operations for the many unused extension keys.
Currently there are over 15,000 extension keys which are still unused (meaning that there was no version uploaded) and blocked by their respective owners. Some are blocking the extension keys on purpose, but many aren't active any more or forgot their extension keys. Our plan is to run a daily task to get all unused extension keys that have not been touched for one year and send a mail to each owner with a list of their extension keys about to expire. From that day forth the owner has 30 days to take action in the extension key management:
  • Releasing the extension key to the public, so another developer can use this key
  • Keep the extension key (the process of expiration will be started again in one year)
  • Upload a version of this extension to the TER
If no action is taken the extension keys will be released to the community (deleted from the list of registered keys).
Extension keys with publicly released extension versions in the TER won't be affected! When sending mails to many extension owner we will estimate many bounced mails due to not up-to-date email-addresses in the typo3.org accounts.
So, please log in on typo3.org, go to the page "<link>Edit personal data" and update your email address. The clean-up process will start the first time on August 15th.