Extension Award: Voting is Open

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Voting for the “TYPO3 Extension Award - Best Documentation” opens today! Voting Period: November 24 - December 8, 2021 (2 weeks). Please vote for the extension(s) that you think have the best documentation.

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How Do I Vote?

  1. Got to extensions.typo3.org.
  2. Log in with your typo.org user account.
  3. Go to the list of nominated extensions
  4. Click on the radio buttons to vote for up to three extensions .

You can give 3 points (first choice), 2 points (second choice) and 1 point (third choice) for an extension. Each choice can only be selected once. It is possible to vote for only one or two extensions if you can’t think of three.

Change your mind? As long as the voting is open, it will be possible to change your votes.

Who’s In The Running?

38 extensions have been nominated and will participate as candidates. We would like to congratulate all nominees and wish them good luck!

Nominated Extensions:

  • aimeos by Aimeos
  • autoloader by Tim Lochmüller
  • bw_focuspoint_images by Maik Schneider
  • bw_icons by Maik Schneider
  • bw_jsoneditor by Maik Schneider
  • bw_static_template by Maik Schneider
  • cart by Daniel Gohlke
  • container by b13 GmbH
  • content_slug by Sebastian Klein
  • cookieman by Jonas Eberle
  • crawler by Kasper Skaarhoj, Daniel Poetzinger, Fabrizio Branca, Tolleiv Nietsch, Timo Schmidt, Michael Klapper, Stefan Rotsch, Tomas Norre Mikkelsen, Tizian Schmidlin
  • cs_seo by Pascale Beier, Angela Dudtkowski, Marc Hirdes, Andreas Kirilow, Alexander König by clickstorm GmbH
  • datamints_locallang_builder by Mark Weisgerber
  • dp_cookieconsent by Dirk Persky
  • extension_builder by Nico de Haen
  • external_import by Francois Suter 
  • filefill by Nicole Cordes
  • fluid_components by Simon Praetorius
  • gh_randomcontent by Gregor Hermens
  • handlebars by Elias Häußler
  • ke_search by ke_search Dev Team
  • language_detection by Tim Lochmüller
  • luxletter by Alex Kellner
  • mask -  Gernot Ploiner
  • matomo_widgets by Chris Müller
  • media2click by Gregor Hermens
  • news by Georg Ringer
  • operations by Karsten Nowak
  • paginatedprocessors by Tanel Põld
  • schema by Chris Müller
  • sf_event_mgt by Torben Hansen
  • site_generator by Florian Rival
  • sms_responsive_images by Simon Praetorius
  • staticfilecache by StaticFileCache Team
  • t3sbootstrap by Helmut Hackbarth
  • tcabuilder by Thomas Löffler
  • typo3_console by Helmut Hummel
  • yoast_seo by MaxServ / Yoast

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