Developer Days 2013

Categories: Development, Community created by ben van 't ende
The Elbcampus, a competence centre in Hamburg, was the perfect location for this year’s developer days. Around 175 developers gathered to join the many workshops divided across 5 different rooms. After weeks of unstable weather across Europe Summer finally showed itself making the developer days agreeable for all.
T3DD13 was preceded by the Active Contributor Meeting (ACME) from monday to thursday morning. Discussions about technical aspects of the TYPO3 project took place between contributors from both the CMS and Flow/Neos team. The CMS team drafted some propositions on the road ahead. With the new LTS (Long Term Support) version coming up, the necessity of a smooth update path from TYPO3 CMS 4.5, the current LTS, to TYPO3 CMS 6.2 was on top of the agenda. The cooperation and exchange between the CMS and Neos team was a prominent subject as well. The CMS team was presented with a demo of the current state of Neos, which sparked quite some enthusiasm. Most people arrived on Thursday and the organisation kicked of the event with some factual information getting everyone in a productive mood right from the very start. This year a practical approach was chosen focused on participation in the TYPO3 project. The days were mostly filled with 3 to 4 hour workshops mixed with some tutorials. The workshops dealing with TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Neos were very crowded. There is a lot going on in both projects that attracted the attention of the developers. For CMS, the path to the new long term support version, which is of great importance to current users sticking to TYPO3 CMS 4.5 LTS was an important  topic. Several new and stabilised features like the totally reworked install tool, packaging and the file abstraction layer will make the new version definitely worth the upgrade. While stabilisation is the main focus for the current branch, the new kid Neos is geared towards innovation and you could really feel the excitement and energy surrounding the new project. A lot of developers installed and played around with Neos. In the working spirit of the developer days the alpha 4 of Neos was released. This alpha version already shows some of the work that Rasmus Skoldjan has put into the design of Neos. Neos is nicely progressing towards a 1.0 release.
TYPO3 people by Thomas Hempel There was also a lot of attention for the ReST based documentation that has become such a solid basis for documentation in the TYPO3 project. Several aspects like viewing, implementing and using ReST were shown in these workshops. Dealing with flexible content elements and ways to deal with customisation were dealt with in a css styled content workshop and in a workshop dealing with theming. We will surely see some of these results accompanying the new LTS release. Besides the workshops there was the traditional social event where cocktails, with a higher than usual alcohol percentage, were served. It is undeniable that the social aspects of the TYPO3 community are an essential factor of it's success. To underline this a survey targeting community appreciation was launched during these days and the results announced on Saturday evening right before the actual coding night. 10 towels with embroidered “member of the TYPO3 community” were distributed among the most appreciated community members present at the event. The survey was meant as an appreciation for community involvement and to get the attendants in contact with each other.
  • New TYPO3 friend - Marcel Wieser
  • Active community member - Christian Kuhn
  • Young active community member - Bastian Bringenberg
  • Old active community member - Jochen Weiland
  • Community leader - Anja Leichsenring
  • Community leader - Oliver Hader
  • Extension author - Georg Ringer
  • Extension - Jo Hasenau (Grid elements)
  • Innovator - Thomas Maroschik
  • Other - Andreas Wolf
Sebastian Michaelsen did a lot of interviews, mainly in English. They will be released as podcasts to the public on You can find a wealth of pictures on Flickr when you search for t3dd13. All in all the developer days 2013 had a very energetic atmosphere triggered by all new things to come at the end of this year.