Design Contest for relaunch 2017

Categories: Community Created by Thomas Löffler
tl;dr: For the design and technical relaunch of beginning in 2017, we would like to start a contest. You’re a creative designer or great at conception? Start your design program and have the chance to create the main design of! The best three designs will be awarded with a prize.
As you might know about our relaunch plans, the first step to achieve a new and attractive site is a beautiful design. You can be part of it! Send your design suggestion prior November 20th to <link> and get the chance to win a prize money if you’re under the first three positions. The jury will be a group consisting of people from the t3o team, the marketing team and - for sure - the design team. The design must meet the following requirements:
  • Follow the official <link http:>TYPO3 Style Guide.
  • Responsive design.
  • Designs should be based on Twitter Bootstrap for adjustments later on.
  • One startpage should be designed / wireframed (subpages will be based on that).
Also some hints:
  • We have not created a new site structure yet, so you can copy parts of the current navigation. What is for sure, the new site will contain less main navigation items.
  • Focus on the target group of the community. We define the community as all users of our beloved products, developers and everyone who (or wants to) contribute to the project.
  • We want to show how active our community is.
  • We want to make it easy to contribute to our project.
  • We want to make it easy to use our products.
The prize money will be:
  • Third place will get 250 Euro.
  • Second place will get 500 Euro.
  • First place will get 1,000 Euro, of course mentioned on the new page and the possibility to implement it together with the design team (the sprint will take place from November 29th - December 2nd near Frankfurt (Main)).
If you win this contest, we will reserve our right to
  • change
  • take only parts or
  • do not use
your design.