Crowdfunding features in TYPO3 v8 - ckeditor Integration

Categories: Development, Community Created by Benni Mack
The goals set for TYPO3 v8 LTS, to be released in April 2017, have raised high expectations. While a lot of groundwork is being laid, TYPO3 association member <link http:>Pixelant AB with their very active CEO Robert Lindh in the TYPO3 community, has offered to support TYPO3 Core development with their own manpower to deliver the next generation of Rich Text Editing for TYPO3. The current development in this area is in full swing: A lot of legacy functionality for “transforming” data between the existing RTE HtmlArea and the TYPO3 Core has been simplified, along with a better and unified logic to link to pages, files, emails and external URLs. Additionally, the current RTE (rtehtmlarea), which is based on the legacy ExtJS framework which is still in use, is simplified into the native JavaScript code and jQuery. This helps to additionally speed up the TYPO3 Backend. Once all work is done and a new editor is in place, the current RTE will be maintained as an optional extension located in the TER, however this is more work than we expected. In the meanwhile, pixelant wants to ensure that the new Rich Text Editor, as we plan to integrate the highly efficient and powerful <link http:>ckeditor as the next generation for editing text in the TYPO3 backend. This should not only act as a drop-in replacement, but will be very flexible to finally pave the way for smooth frontend editing, a feature we did not focus on the last years. As the concept for a smooth integration of ckeditor into TYPO3 is in the works, the development work will happen together with the community, but driven by people from the Core Team (myself included) and pixelant developers - the people who brought you t3kit - to ensure we really get this new feature in the TYPO3 Core right on time. For that, Robert started a crowdfunding project, so the development will definitely happen - even with an bigger promise - if enough money will be raised, the editor functionality could even be backported to TYPO3 CMS 7 as an extension. <link http: crowdfunding>If you are eager to use this feature in the next LTS version (or even before), we recommend to support this functionality with TYPO3 v8 We also encourage everybody - if you’re interested in key features we plan in the future - to approach me if we can do crowdfunding even more for bigger changes in the TYPO3 Core, as we expect that crowdfunding is a good way to push the product further faster.