Cooperation, Connections and Coffee — a TYPO3 Education Committee Community Sprint Report

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The TYPO3 Community Sprint provides a great opportunity for connecting with other teams from the community and beyond. This can be attributed, in large part, to the TYPO3 GmbH team and their CEO, Daniel Fau, who not only supported a smooth process (lodging, catering, barista coffee, and more), but also actively created opportunities for cooperation.

Combine that with the spacious premises and available equipment in the TYPO3 GmbH and you have a top working environment.

Also, there were donuts. Lots of donuts. (Thanks to Boris Hinzer from web-vision.)

Open Source Collaboration with Doctrine

Members of the TYPO3, phpDocumentor, Doctrine and Symfony documentation teams are working on a new, stable version of reST Parser and Renderer that integrates both forks.

Florian Thiele reflects on the sprint as following:

I am a trainee IT specialist in application development, and I am still a beginner in many areas. But I was able to learn a lot in the code sprint, thanks to Grégoire Paris and Lina Wolf, who were always there for me. I learned a lot in terms of GitHub workflows and will use this experience for the future.
— Florian Thiele

In the wake of this collaboration, the Education Committee was able to connect with Grégoire Paris from the Doctrine Core Team. As many topics regarding education and certification in the TYPO3 ecosystem naturally rely on their technology, we discussed the idea of establishing acknowledged skill definitions for the Doctrine ecosystem.

Skill definitions would not only allow the Doctrine team to strengthen their foundations in regard to learning and certification, but would act as a use case for open source collaboration beyond code. Furthermore, it would increase the quality and acknowledgement of TYPO3 certifications, and could act as a base for other projects using Doctrine.

As somebody very loosely related to TYPO3, I must say the community has been very welcoming to me. It has encouraged me to bring value in diverse ways, including designing solutions with other members, improving long-standing bugs in the pipeline or the development environments, and sharing knowledge through talks or mentoring. So I'd say this community sprint very much had a community spirit.
— Grégoire Paris, Doctrine Core Team

We’ll stay in contact with the Doctrine team and aim to collaborate on skill definitions in the future.

Workflow Optimization and Young Talent

As the TYPO3 Association and SkillDisplay have kept up established workflows from the common Erasmus+ EU Project, we were happy to see our cause supported by two new faces — Julian Zangl and Liza Mokshantseva — who just graduated from HTL 3 Rennweg Vienna.

They had already implemented the project EveryTask for their diploma thesis, which saw interest from the industry and involved web technology skills related to Symfony, Doctrine, and Vue.js, but also had an Amazon Alexa and Windows Desktop integration.

Now they were not only looking forward to meeting some Core developers of an open source enterprise CMS, but also to increase their knowledge with TYPO3 development under the temporary lead of Markus Klein from Reelworx, who once again supported our efforts. We were also joined by Andreas Wolf from the TCCD team on Thursday.

My stay at the codesprint of TYPO3 was a rewarding experience where I enjoyed a cool work environment, made friendly connections, and successfully created a prototype of SkillDisplay's syllabus integration for the website, in collaboration with a colleague.
— Julian Zangl

They succeeded, and now we have the tools in place to smoothen the process from a TYPO3 Certification Syllabus release, to its presentation as a Content Element on the Certification website .

But remember — we are an open-source project. If you are an agency that wants to present parts (or the whole) TYPO3 Certification Syllabus on your website as a content element (e.g. the intranet) or develop a custom solution with official TYPO3 syllabus content, you can make use of the following packages:

Advancing Towards TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant Program v12 LTS Certification

Four members of the TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant Task Force joined the community sprint: Larissa (, Lennart (Leuchtfeuer), Knud (supseven), and Korbinian (Pluswerk München).

Their focus was the transfer of the syllabus to SkillDisplay, the reworking of questions and alignment with other teams within the TYPO3 community. Korbinian’s report on the progress is as following:

Transfer of Syllabus to SkillDisplay

We are delighted to announce the successful transfer of the certification program’s syllabus to SkillDisplay. (Public release pending). This transition marks an important milestone in simplifying the exam preparation process for future candidates. SkillDisplay offers an accessible platform where aspiring consultants can easily access the syllabus, review its content, and gain acknowledgement for the practical application of their skills. We believe that this modern approach will greatly enhance the learning experience and help consultants stay updated with the latest TYPO3 CMS developments.

Reworking Questions and Enhancing the Exam Experience

With the aim of maintaining the certification program’s relevance, we have diligently focused on reworking the exam questions. Our intention is to ensure that the questions accurately reflect the evolving TYPO3 CMS ecosystem, incorporating new features, best practices, and emerging changes. By doing so, we hope to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the latest TYPO3 CMS version, empowering them to deliver valuable expertise to clients. The updated questions aim to maintain the program’s reputation for quality and credibility.

Collaboration With Other TYPO3 Community Teams

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and have actively engaged with other teams within the TYPO3 community. By working together, we have been able to tap into the collective knowledge, experience, and diverse perspectives of the community. This collaborative effort allows us to ensure that the certification program aligns with community standards and incorporates the best practices advocated by the TYPO3 community as a whole.

Connect With Us

In the TYPO3 Education Committee, we are looking to keep an overview of the needs of learners and educators in our community, as well as solutions for educational institutions and agencies.

If you are an educational institution who wants to establish a custom training syllabus, needs ready-to-use learning material, or wants to give young people an opportunity to participate in TYPO3 events - let us know!

We are also happy to connect with agencies from the community who already have a cooperation with educational institutions to tell their success story or hear of your needs.

You can reach us by contacting Florian Weiss: florian.weiss(at) or @floweiss in TYPO3 Slack

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