Codesprint Poland

Categories: Development, Community Created by Tymoteusz Motylewski
The core team meets the polish community and works on topics like language handling, upgrade analysis and smooth migration.
Tymoteusz Motylewski updates us on the ongoing (October 6-9) code sprint in Poznan, Poland. He is also one of the organisers of the TYPO3camp Poland. We're 11 people sprinting since Thursday here in Poznan. We're hosted by my company - <link http:>Macopedia. We have 3 core team members on board (Anja Leichsenring, Jan Helke and me), others are sprinting remotely. We've got two newcomers who sent their first patch and did a first code review:
  • ?ukasz Uzna?ski
  • Marcin Lis
Other people had attended codesprints before and are already experienced with the review flow. Except for the onboarding and usual reviews and bugfixing, we have few bigger topics we're working on. One team, lead by Anja is working on the "Upgrade Analysis Tool". This tool will ease out the upgrade process (from 7LTS to 8LTS). The Install Tool will feature a module for analyzing the installation (including PHP files in extensions and TypoScript). It will report all places which needs a migration to have them running under version 8. The Tool will also be able to automatically fix most of the detected issues or suggest a manual solution for edge cases.  
?ukasz Uzna?ski, Tomasz St?pniak, Marcin Lis, Jan Helke, Anja Leichsenring, Tymoteusz Motylewski, Krystian Szymukowicz, Micha? Jankiewicz, Karol Lamparski - Not in the picture: Zbigniew Jacko (taking photo), Przemys?aw Krukowski Currently there is a working prototype of the Analyzer, we hope to merge during this sprint. In parallel to the Install Tool module, the team is working on implemention of the detection mechanism for all potentially breaking changes. This is an huge amount of work, but we believe it is totally worthwhile when the outcome is a smooth migration process. Here is a link to the forge issue describing the idea: One of the other topics we're working on is language handling. This topic is lead by me. The concept for this was developed during the past User eXperience Week. Moving forward this topic is important in order to ensure future proof language handling. The basis for our work lies in analyzing different architecture approaches and documenting use cases. We're also looking into topics which can be improved still in v7 and 8. After the sprint: The team managed to merge 55 patches, and many more were started/are in progress. Tomasz St?pniak send his first patch during the codesprint. So the codesprint was very successful :)