Closing of issues on

Categories: Community Created by Sebastian Kurfuerst
You might have noticed that yesterday evening, between 9 and 10 PM, quite some issues have been closed by users not being members of the respective projects. Read on why...
I did some internal changes on, dealing with the way how SVN repositories are created and handled. For that to happen, I needed to create an additional repository configuration for the "Community Extensions"-Project on forge. Then, forge automatically indexed the *whole Community Extensions* repository again, and if the commit message contained something like "Resolves: #xxxxx", it closed the respective issue. The original committers referenced bug numbers on (there was no forge at that time). However, as we use the same bug numbers on again, these issues were closed... To cut a long story short: It was an administrator mistake, no harm done, the people who seem to have closed the issue have *not* closed the issue, but it was an automatic process.