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The Board is asking our community for budget ideas for 2021. For the coming year we would like to focus our budget on the topics accessibility and user experience in our “Innovation, Events and Education Pool”. We reserved €310,000 for this pool. Due to the success of our TYPO3 Company we are also able to increase the Core Development Budget from €350,000 to €500,000 in 2021!

Accessibility and User Experience

The TYPO3 Association has always paid close attention to the community and we are listening to TYPO3 user feedback. We believe that we have been too developer-oriented in recent years.  It is time to take equal care of every TYPO3 user. We will therefore give priority to UX-driven improvements, to enable all of our users—developers, integrators, and editors. In TYPO3, every task should be done in the most efficient and enjoyable way. When we think of our users, we think of all our users, and that's why accessibility is one of the main areas up for improvement.

So, we are looking for your ideas to improve these areas.

Total Funds Available for 2021

By releasing the budget amount earlier than in previous years we would like to increase transparency, put the application process in a realistic timeframe, and encourage applications.

Total Funds available for 2021: €1,150,000

Please consider that this amount is a forecast and may change according to the actual financial situation.

Distribution of Funds

The funds will be distributed into four pools:

Innovation, Education and Events Pool

Budgeted amount: €310,000

For this pool, we are asking the TYPO3 community members to first submit their ideas. We have made the process so simple that it should not take longer than 15 minutes to contribute an idea.

Ideas can be submitted from today until 4th November 2020:

Submit your budget application idea

The ideas will be rated in a Association member poll and strategically weighted and selected by the Budget Committee. Selected ideas will be eligible for submitting a budget application.

Development Pool

Budgeted amount: €500,000

€350,000 is granted by the TYPO3 Association and €150,000 is sponsored by the TYPO3 Company. 

This pool is available to the TYPO3 Core Team to fund development and product marketing initiatives. It is managed on behalf of the core team by the TYPO3 Company. Applications for funding need to be submitted to the TYPO3 Company. 

By making this budget pool available, the TYPO3 Association remains the largest single funder of the initiatives of the TYPO3 Core Team and thus heavily contributes to the further development of the TYPO3 CMS product.

Infrastructure Pool

Budgeted amount: €300,000

This pool is available to the TYPO3 Association board to fund operational and infrastructure work. It includes budget positions for contracts with vendors and regular service providers (e.g. data center for hosting, lawyer costs), and covering work time expenses for maintenance costs. Some of our infrastructure teams (Server-, Security-, Website Team, ..) are also covered by the infrastructure pool.

Travel Costs Pool

Budgeted amount: €40,000

This pool is available to cover general travel costs for the  TYPO3 Association and teams of the TYPO3 community.

Member Involvement

The members of the TYPO3 Association are involved in the budget process. The following opportunities exist to contribute and give feedback:

Member Poll

In November, the Board will ask the Association’s members to rate the ideas submitted to the Innovation, Education, and Events Pool and to give feedback to the distribution of funds in the other two pools. The Budget Committee will take the results of the member poll into consideration when finalizing  the 2021 association’s budget and strategy.

(An additional component in the poll will be the ability to not only rate an idea, but also to declare interest in participating in implementing it.)

Submission of Ideas

The submission of ideas to the Innovation, Education, and Events pool is open to everyone and we would like to encourage the TYPO3 Association members to play an active role here. We have a larger budget amount available than in earlier years for strategic positioning of TYPO3, and this is a unique chance to contribute.


Updated Timeline

  • Budget Idea Collection until 4 November 2020
  • Budget Poll for the members of the TYPO3 Association 23 November to 6. December 2020
  • Budget decision at the board meeting 10. December 2020
  • Budget Agreements will be send out in December and must  be returned before 31 December 2020


In case you have questions, the Budget Committee is available by email and will publish a consolidated FAQ, should the need arise.

Contact the Budget Committee at budget(at)

Submit your budget application idea

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