Bug Day June report

Categories: Community Created by Steffen Gebert

The latest TYPO3 Bug Day took place on June, 24th. 6 people participated in the Bug Day

The following people participated in the action: 

• François Suter 
• Philipp Gampe 
• Steffen Gebert 
• Christian Kuhn 
• Jonas Renggli 
• Susanne Moog 

A total of 14 commits have been merged to the <link http: wiki.typo3.org git _blank>Git repository and Jonas as first-time contributor was introduced into the whole development and review process with Git and <link http: review.typo3.org _blank review>Gerrit.

As main topic of June's Bug Day, especially during the evening, emerged the improvement of the Caching Framework for TYPO3 4.6, mostly done by Christian Kuhn.

After the Caching Framework has been made mandatory already a few days ago, the configuration and usage was made a lot easier. Also, a new RuntimeCache was added, which saves calculations during one single request. Two patches immediately made use of this new and clean way to safe computation time and redundant database queries.

The next Bug Day will take place on July, 29th.