TYPO3 TCCE Gamification - Mainzific Rim 9 LTS update

Categories: Budget idea Created by Florian Weiss
Access to TYPO3 / Education / Certification

What is your idea about?

The Mainzific Rim Adventure (gamification for learning TCCE skills) is about to be released to the public on the SkillDisplay platform - we want to update it to 9 LTS and debut it in a similar workshop to the one at the UD2018.
We expect that we have to create 4 or 5 new missions to match the new skills introduced with 9 LTS (e.g.: URI handling)
(Disclaimer: All new missions will be publicly available for users of the SkillDisplay platform, and will be available for redistribution. We will however NOT release the already existing secret missions we did create exclusively for partners with LTS 8)

What is the potential impact of your idea?

Simplify/Encourage onboarding of people not yet confident with TYPO3, ready-to-use material for educational facilities will provide a strong entrypoint for TYPO3 in the education sector, Agencies will be able to use the adventure for internal training

Approximate Funds needed

below €5,000

Recommendation of the Budget Committee: The budget committee supports this idea.