Categories: Budget idea Created by Adrian Zimmermann
Marketplace Platform

What is your idea about?

The T3Marketplace will match supply and demand around the TYPO3 ECMS Eco-System. You can sell your extensions, themes or anything related to TYPO3 on this platform. The T3Marketplace Initiative will develop the Project closely with the TYPO3 GmbH. Also we‘ll manage and generally be responsible for the project. The TYPO3 GmbH will get a comission around 20% from every purchase, the rest will go the regarding seller.

What is the potential impact of your idea?

We think that there will be a huge impact to the TYPO3 universe. There will be more powerful extensions and services available and the legal TYPO3 bodies will get something back out of the sales. It will be a win for all the participants of the TYPO3 eco-system.

Approximate Funds needed

€25,000 - €50,000

Recommendation of the Budget Committee: The application is fine for us as long as it's only about shifting money from the 2018 budget to 2019. No new money should be granted unless the already given milestones are met.