Making TER a proxy for git tags (or Packagist)

Categories: Budget idea Created by Claus Due
Infrastructure Improvement

What is your idea about?

In order to reach a future vision about not hosting TYPO3 extensions for download via TER, a small amount of funding should be set aside to find a proper strategy - and if possible, implement it and finally replace TER. There would be two goals: identifying a viable future (proxy or metadata based) solution, and identifying the right strategy to migrate and/or expire the legacy archive.

The funding should naturally be given to the server team but I will get involved if required.

What is the potential impact of your idea?

Expected much reduced load on TER which no longer has to serve any files - at most, it has to keep metadata. It might even be possible to provide a git-hosted solution (see for example how the Rust language creates a package archive via github).

Approximate Funds needed

below €5,000

Recommendation of the Budget Committee: The budget committee supports this idea. But it needs good cooperation team and the server team.