Include TYPO3 autoinstallable package on hosting providers and XAMPP

Categories: Budget idea Created by Tymoteusz Motylewski
Access to TYPO3 / Education / Certification;Networking / Partnerships

What is your idea about?

People wanting to try TYPO3 have to figure how to install it themselves. Many other CMS'es are available as preinstalled or autoinstallable packages on popular hostings or local environment apps like XAMPP
It woudl be great to have TYPO3 also available there. The idea is to reach out to these platforms and try to make them include TYPO3.
Except for communication and reaching out, I expect this will require providing some installation instructions or scripts and educating maintainers of the platforms.

What is the potential impact of your idea?

Make TYPO3 easily available for newcommers and people wanting to try it out. Potentially growing user and contributors base.

Approximate Funds needed

below €5,000

Recommendation of the Budget Committee: The budget committee supports this idea.