Fluid 3.0 development and workshop in Denmark

Categories: Budget idea Created by Claus Due
Community Development; Events / Meetups

What is your idea about?

A two-part idea: have a developer workshop (3 days?) in Denmark, Aarhus area to prepare Fluid 3.0 which requires a lot of refactoring and carefully coordinated development very suitable for a group for a group of developers - and allow approximately one month of development time before the workshop (necessary ground work to remove limitations at the engine-level, that should not be inherited to a possible v3 branch - among other things this includes migrating away from a preg-based solution and likely also adopting a few additional syntax rules that make parsing more solid).

Since TYPO3-related workshops don't often get held in Denmark I thought it would be nice to invite here for once to my beautiful native country :)

What is the potential impact of your idea?

An improved Fluid rendering engine that can be adopted from TYPO3v10 and onward - one born from a cooperative vision about Fluid's API becoming strict-typed to improve the quality over the current PHP5-compatible language level being used.

Approximate Funds needed

€10,000 - €25,000

Recommendation of the Budget Committee: The budget committee supports this idea. It needs good coordination with the core team.