Annual Report of the TYPO3 Documentation Team, 2023

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The TYPO3 Documentation Team underwent dynamic changes throughout 2023, fostering resilience and innovation in maintaining and enhancing the project's documentation.

Team Evolution

The year began with Martin Bless stepping down as team leader, succeeded by Lina Wolf, who led with experience and dedication. Chris Müller became the new Co-Lead of the Documentation Team. Further team changes ensued as David Bruchmann and Tom Warwick left, while Florian Thiele and Sarah McCarthy joined, enhancing the team's expertise.

We would like to thank Martin Bless very much for his commitment over many years and his dedication to the Documentation Team, without him we would not be where we are now. He has always served as a true role model in the Documentation Team, so a big thank you from the rest of the Documentation Team!

Activities and Achievements

The team actively engaged in various collaborative endeavors. This involved diligent work on updating documentation for TYPO3 v12 and preparing for the v13.0 release. Notable milestones were achieved in software maintenance, optimizing the rendering method, and participating in community events like TYPO3 Developer Days and Community Sprints.

Unveiling 2023: TYPO3 Documentation in Numbers

In 2023, our TYPO3 documentation underwent a remarkable transformation, navigating challenges with a focus on collaboration. Here's a snapshot of the year:

  • Collaborative spirit: The TYPO3 documentation thrived on collaboration, with 79 contributors driving 1554 changes. This united effort strengthened our documentation's core.
  • Community engagement: The 'edit on GitHub' button became a hotspot for community involvement, symbolizing active participation and improvement.

As we celebrate these accomplishments, our journey continues with a commitment to excellence in TYPO3 documentation.

Another Great Year

The year 2023 encapsulates the team's resilience, adaptability, and commitment to evolving TYPO3 documentation. The collective efforts of team members contributed significantly to sustained progress and enhancements in documentation.

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