Announcing the News Team

Categories: Community Created by Thomas Hempel
Today, the official <link http: about news-team>News Team for TYPO3 has begun work on their project. Their goal is to collect and provide relevant, up-to-date news about TYPO3. The last few days have seen a restructuring of <link http:>, with the latest news now published to the front page. Prior to this update, only news from and was displayed on the front page. The team currently consists of seven people who will collect, verify, write, and proofread news items. We hope that this project will become the #1 source of information about our favorite product. In addition to these updates, now gives you the opportunity to directly <link http: submit-news>submit news articles and new ideas for the News Team to review and publish. We are eager to receive information about new features, new or updated extensions, community events, and anything else related to Typo3 and content management. Your opportunity to <link http: about news-team>participate is just one click away! - stay informed