Alex passed away

Categories: Community Created by Patrick Lobacher
Friday, April 11, 2014 Alex Ebner passed away.
Hey Alex, Do you remember how, almost 12 years ago, I showed you TYPO3 3.3 and we agreed that it was way too complicated for us? Maybe this was because we were more focused on having fun in the Munich bars and clubs. What a great time we had! Nevertheless TYPO3 would not leave us alone. I went to the first Developer Days in Dietikon, Switzerland and had numerous conversations with some authors (like Jo, Peter and Christian) and got the idea to write a book myself. At this time I had a little bit of knowledge about TYPO3 but no writing experience. That's why I immediately asked you, if you wanted to join - at least you had that experience. And so we sat together for a whole year and finished our first TYPO3 book together. Man! We were so proud of our cooperation and the result of that. You said, that even your grandma has a signed copy in her bookshelf. Without ever reading the book of course *g* When I came back from Volkers first TYPO3camp Hamburg, it was clear to me that we also needed to establish something similar in Munich. I only had to tell you about the idea and you were immediately in. This was so very you: If someone had an idea or needed help, you always and immediately jumped in and helped where you could. We organised four TYPO3camps together with Peter, Harry and Sebastian and each one was a success. Not only a success for the TYPO3 community, but also for us, spending so much quality time together. Sure, it was evident that you also wanted to devote your professional life to TYPO3. You started at a TYPO3 Agency first and later worked for FTI Touristik building all portals in TYPO3 together with Matthias and Börni. But not only that, you even convinced your boss to have FTI become platinum sponsor of the TYPO3 Association years ago. With Börni together we then even wrote our second book. Wow! On many occasions we visited all sorts of other TYPO3 events - from the T3DD to T3CON to TYPO3camps. As soon as we were in the neighbourhood of Volker in Hamburg, we painted the town red with the three of us. We arrived back at hotel only after sun rise. One thing was very clear and became our motto: "No one leaves the milk bar before daybreak." It was such a great time, that should never have to come to an end! Alex, I wish you the most beautiful place in heaven - with sufficient Mai Tai and Red Bull, all the Alien movies, the complete manga library, Linkin Park everywhere, plenty of Arduino boards to play with and the best view down on us all. I thank you for letting me be your friend. Farewell! Patrick