After the LTS is before the LTS

Categories: Development, Community Created by Ernesto Baschny
The TYPO3 CMS team is discussing about the release cycles of this product after the 6.2 LTS release. We learned from the past and wanted to improve the release process for everybody involved: developers, active contributors, agencies, customers. To allow everbody to participate actively in shaping the future of the CMS releases, we want to give the opportunity for everyone to join the discussion around the future of the TYPO3 CMS releases.
Shortly after the 6.2 LTS Release the Active Contributors meeting in Nürnberg gave the team the opportunity to do a retrospective not only on the 6.2 release process, but also analyse the transition from 4.5 LTS to 6.2 LTS in general, and what happened in between. The reflection culiminated in the first ideas on how to proceed from now on. From the initial brainstorming we decided to sketch the new ideas in a conceptual study - in a blueprint. Since then the team has been improving and communicating about it.
We are now eager to hear everybodys opinion on the new plan, as it might rise some questions. If you are actively interested in working with TYPO3 CMS in the next couple of years, have commercial or private interest in help improving the product, please consider take some time to think and tell us what you expect.
During the TYPO3 Developer Days 2014 in Eindhoven it became clear that the TYPO3 CMS contributors are still alive and kicking and new ideas spreading. An active and vivid exchange with the TYPO3 Flow and Neos teams is happening. The motto "one family, two products" is the current tenor. We expect that TYPO3 CMS will continue getting improvements in the next few years, as long as there is still interest by the public and contributors working on it.
Please read the <link http: blueprints release>blueprint about the new release cycles, form your opinion or question and then join the discussion under the thread "After the LTS is before the LTS" in the <link>TYPO3 Core Development mailing list. Your positive or negative feedback, or question or doubt is very welcome.
Let's work on that together!