Daniel Fau appointed CEO of TYPO3 GmbH

The TYPO3 Association is delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Fau as CEO of TYPO3 GmbH. Daniel has been serving as the interim CEO for over 12 months. This official appointment brings a sense of stability and predictability to TYPO3 GmbH's future for the next four years.

Düsseldorf, Germany – 31 January 2024

Daniel Fau, a respected figure in the TYPO3 community, took the helm of TYPO3 GmbH as an interim CEO in December 2022. In this short time, Daniel led the revival of the annual TYPO3 Conference (after a four-year hiatus) and undertook a fundamental revision of the TYPO3 Partner Program. Under his leadership, the company has seen substantial growth and progress, and overwhelming engagement from the community. 

Community-Centric Approach and Strategic Vision

Daniel Fau's vision extends beyond mere business metrics. He has emphasized a community-centric approach, focusing on increasing membership numbers, fostering collaboration, and ensuring maximum transparency. His article, Ein Jahr TYPO3, (English: One year of TYPO3) reflects his dedication to these principles, highlighting achievements such as the expansion of official TYPO3 partners and the increased participation in TYPO3 events and initiatives.

His first year as interim CEO was further marked by crucial initiatives, including a more robust financial foundation for TYPO3 GmbH, a surge in community engagement, and a successful navigation through the challenges of open-source funding. His dedication to transparency and inclusive decision-making resonates deeply with the TYPO3 community.

Looking Ahead: Continuous Innovation and Growth

Olivier Dobberkau, president of the TYPO3 Association, commends Fau's appointment, stating, "After thorough consideration, the board is confident in Daniel’s continuing role as CEO. His commitment to fortifying our community and his reliable leadership are fundamental to realizing our vision. Under his guidance, TYPO3 is set to maintain a robust presence in the industry, blending our community values with strong market strategies."

As TYPO3 GmbH embarks on this new chapter with Daniel Fau at the helm for the next four years, the focus remains on continuous innovation, community engagement, and strategic growth. Fau's tenure promises to uphold the principles that make the TYPO3 project a unique and thriving ecosystem in the open-source software world.

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TYPO3 is an open-source enterprise content management system (CMS). You can download and find more information about TYPO3 at typo3.org.

TYPO3 Association

The TYPO3 Association is a Swiss not-for-profit association founded by members of the TYPO3 Community in November 2004 that provides software to the public free of charge. Headquartered in Baar ZG, Switzerland, the TYPO3 Association is non-partisan and denominationally neutral. The association has approximately 1,000 members and coordinates and funds the long-term development of TYPO3 CMS. It is the owner of the TYPO3 trademark. Find more information at typo3.org/project/association.   


TYPO3 GmbH is a service company established by the TYPO3 Association to provide support services and to take on the development of the TYPO3 CMS software. More about the TYPO3 Company can be found at typo3.com/typo3-gmbh.

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