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    Shutdown of the Pootle Translation Server

    Categories: Localization, Development, TYPO3 CMS, Public Service Announcement
    Created by Peter Kraume
    Crowdin has been our default translation server for quite some time. We have now decommissioned the infrastructure that supported the old Pootle translation server — here is how it impacts you.
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    Hosting an Event? Use the Content Request Form!

    Categories: Community, Marketing, Public Service Announcement
    Created by Luisa Faßbender and Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    As of today, the way to submit events to typo3.org is to use the Content Request Form. This process means that events will benefit from the same editorial workflow as other content and ensures every event receives the best possible promotion by TYPO3.
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  • Certificate issue with composer

    Categories: Community, TYPO3 CMS, Public Service Announcement
    Due to a change of the SSL certificate for all *.typo3.org domains, some composer clients are not able to connect to composer.typo3.org anymore due to a outdated CA bundle.
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